The Nightclub Scene: The Place of Normalised Sexual Violence

I’m literally sick and tired of being groped every time I go out to the clubs.

I went to the club this weekend with my gals ready to dance til’ our heels came off but instead I performed kung fu on the dance floor trying to stop the wandering hands of desperate men trying to smack my ass or feel my boobs. I was groped more than 30 times, easily. They’d stick their sweaty hands on my thighs, behind, boobs and all over my body. My friends and I were literally manhandled on the dance floor, we were pushed around from guy to guy as they tried to grind their packages on us. Like, you don’t know me like that, step the fuck away.

This kind of shit is not an isolated one, it happens all the time. I’ve had guys come out of nowhere and stick their tongues down my throat. I’ve been motorboated out of nowhere. This kind of shit happens to ALL girls. ALL the goddamn time. NO, it does not matter what club you go to- this shit will happen in a fancy club, bar, where the fuck ever. Granted, girls will probably experience less of it, depending where they go, but it will still happen. NO, it does not matter what the girl is wearing- this shit will happen even if a girl is completely covered head to toe. NO, it’s not a compliment- we feel disgusted and violated so get your hands off of us! NO, alcohol is just not an excuse. And NO, not all guys do this, but there a lot that do and it needs to stop.

This kind of shit is the norm. It’s almost an expectation. If you’re a girl and you go out to a nightclub, some guy will try and touch you inappropriately. This kind of shit is literally an unenforced, acceptable, normalised form of sexual assault. This kind of shit doesn’t happen to men, how often do you see a girl copping a feel of a guy’s package as they walk past?

As girls, what can we do? Yeah, we can assertively call them out on it and walk away. Don’t fucking touch me! I’d say, but even then, some guys have the audacity to try again when we do. If we make a huge deal about it, not only will it kill our vibe but it happens so often that at some point, one unwelcomed smack on the ass can sadly not be worth addressing. I’ve never tried, but one could notify security but then again it’d kill our vibe, and every 10 minutes we’d be doing so and I assume security would tell us to keep away from the dirty guys, and at best they may tell the culprits to stop or possibly even leave- but I highly doubt the latter. So, really, this kind of shit is just continuing to the point at which some girls are forced off the dance floor because they are being violated too much.

I mean, what the fuck is going through these guys’ heads. Would they like it if this kind of shit happened to their sisters or cousins or girlfr… well, I was going to say girlfriends but I thought again, but then again, again, I wouldn’t put it past some guys.

Realistically, ladies, if this is going to stop, keep calling the culprits out on it. Your friends should also help you in the process. If however, we want to see drastic change, I really think that night club security needs to play a bigger role in stepping up and stopping this kind of shit. I can only imagine how much security would being seeing of this. Friends of guys that do this kind of shit, first off, why on earth would you associate with such people I don’t know, but I hope you step up and stop this. And to the guys that do this shit- fuck right off. Seriously. Enough is enough.

Featured Image: Zac Quitzau Fb: Zac’s Doodles

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