Poem of the Week: ‘The Greatest Wars in History’ by Noelle Martin

The greatest wars in history are seldom told
for they exist in the minds
of every living soul
that has ever wandered the Earth

Cursed with the human fate
branded from the womb, we are
born to fight the great fights.
like soldiers, we battle to survive

against immortal demons, thoughts heavier than cannonballs
feelings sharper than any sword. The haunting of memories
and poison with the power to contaminate our mind, drowning our
conscience. The enemies within

But our greatest weaknesses are our
weaponry still
our beating hearts and the strongest of all
the all-powerful will.

We fight in deafening silence
with wounds unseen
screams unheard and
sorrow untold.

But when hope dwindles
somewhere in the deepest depths of within
starts the Great Revolution
a rebellion begins, a thirst for victory

with a call for help, we turn to our allies 
to lift us from the scorching fires, to
breathe momentary relief from the currents
Until the next war begins

We face the crusades, that
tests our very core. That shatters our beliefs
Amongst the carnage and bloodshed tempted
by Lucifer’s apple of surrender

Not all survive the evils of the mind. Trapped
in a straightjacket of insanity.
Some lose control. Like lost souls they live
to die. The price of peace.

We face the cold war, brewing.
Pain and anger, and a hostile fear. But to kill the enemy is to kill yourself
So we must suppress with every ounce of our will
Or accept our fate

If we’re lucky, we can escape an assault
of nuclear proportions, but not all are lucky
Something switches, and they fall
One by one by one.

Some say that the greatest conflict is with the heart
an unstoppable force with desires that can’t be
controlled or tamed, and immeasurable pain
if not obeyed.

But for every battle lost
we gain in resolve,
In strength for the next attack. For every battle won
we change in ways more powerful than evil –

a little something called empathy.
From the ruins of pain, comes happiness
and an understanding that we must be allies
for inner battles are pain enough.

The greatest wars in history are seldom told
But what we do see and hear- is the magic
that turns a curse into a gift
and a love that conquers all else.

Featured Image: Zac Quitzau Facebook: Zac’s Doodles


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