Poem of the Week: ‘Enticement’ by Carolyn Chorley

I stand alone on a blanket of bleached white

My skin on fire from frozen angel tears

My eyes blinking against citreous light

As the lure of true and righteous warmth nears.


Time has passed unnoticed in this cold void

The icy hurricane shredding all hope and joy

The desire for love, for salvation, was destroyed

And the lilting song of peace but a decoy.


My soul was stained by a traitorous trick

And now my heart continues to slowly bleed

As the essence of me swirls amongst the truly malefic

And all the demons come screeching here to feed.


That light, that promise for which my spirit yearns

Is in fact no more than a glittery villainous snare

From which only continuous pain and sadness burns

Wrought forth by the blinding darkness of unseen Daymare.

Featured Image: Artwork by Timothy Wynberg

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