Poem of the Week: ‘Black Spell’ by Carolyn Chorley

A sudden pain, the dagger thrust
a blow from behind, to kill all trust

So deep the wound, as to not recover
was this the intent of my faithless lover?

Did he beguile me with the sweetest words
just to crush my spirit with the blackest of birds?

Did he promise me all of heaven’s delights
so he could kill my soul and perform last rites?

How could it be that something so pure
was in reality nothing more than a shiny lure,

To make me feel safe to give up my trusting heart
and then he’d be free to practice his dark art,

As sure and powerful as a sorcerer’s spell
his words spun a tale to make me dwell,

Within the golden glow of his kindness true
and so, my righteous weariness I did subdue

Now I am but an empty chalice
torn and broken by a master of malice,

How can I now refill my tortured soul?
when there are only parts and not a whole.


Featured Image: Zac Quitzau Facebook: Zac’s Doodles






13 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: ‘Black Spell’ by Carolyn Chorley

    1. I have been there before in a “majorly, life-changing” way before. I though I wouldn’t be able to recover. But I did. Yes my life was never the same again, but that turned out to be a good thing. My life is so much better now than before. I didn’t realize that I had settled for an illusion of happiness until I actually experienced it for real. Whatever you are you going through at this moment will hurt like hell but, it will pass and you will have the opportunity to make your life so much better than you would have thought possible. Cry, scream, break plates, whatever it takes to get the pain out. But never give up. It will get better…I promise.


  1. The poem is great but what I really liked was your response to Matthew. I, too, have through something equally as dark and heartbreaking. Maybe we all have. It took Three years to break out of my depression and find my new life. It is now 7 years later and I have never been happier! 🙂

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